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Kathy Ruoss's site was DMCons' first site.  We went to school and learned.  We have gotten many compliments on the site. 

We chose a simple format to not detract from the fine art works.  Kathy's works are magnificent by themselves. Any attempts to improve them through the web site would be counter productive. How can you improve on perfection?

(If you want, feel free to try out an order on the site.  We are very pleased with the ordering process we designed.  Use the name "Bro Cope" on your order and it will not be processed.)

Go and Visit!


Rev. Smock asked DMC to take over his Web site.  We have enhanced the already existing site, adding many features, including photo spreads, and a user posted Bulletin Board.  As a not-for-profit site, the main focus is to convey a message - news about Rev. Smock's ministry. The Bulletin Board has had well over 161,500 visitors so far and counting.

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