Web Services Overview

There are multitudes of "Web designers" on the web who give you a form to fill out and from that will build you a site.  Estimating or constructing a site in this way is hardly professional.  It is ludicrous.  It is misleading, if not completely unethical.  It is like asking an architect to give you an estimate from a crayon drawing.

If a site designer is offering to build you a site for a ridiculously low price, or if someone is offering to host your site for free, ask yourself this - Why?  How long will they be in business giving away their product? 

A professional web designer is like an artist.  If you want an original painting for $20, expect to hang four dogs playing poker over your fireplace.  You will be getting exactly what you are paying for.  I know of no professional designer that gives his craft away.

What goes into a successful site?  Planning and work.  We design sites like an artist.  We put research, effort, and expertise into our creative process.    Before we would even begin to estimate a site, we would need an extensive discussion concerning your desires. 

What is the purpose of the site.  What is the desired audience?  How will the site be publicized?  What is the budget not only for development but also for marketing?  If a database is called for, what must be stored and how will it be maintained?  Where will the database reside?  What is the database engine?  Is the database designed properly?  Has the site been story-boarded?    The process is one of good professional planning and strong technically skilled implementation. 

Even after a visually pleasing site is designed, it still might not be successful.  The most beautiful site in the world is useless if no one sees it.  The follow up effort is just as important as the production of the site.  Getting a good position in search engine results is not an accident, it is a planned outcome.

Each search engine classifies web pages differently.  To be successful, a site has to come out with a high rank in the top twenty search engines.  To consistently get high ranking takes research, testing, tuning the site, re-testing, and doing it again.  Successful sites are worked on continually.

If you want a cut-rate site,  DMCons is probably not the designer for you.  If you want a web site that is successful, and are willing to commit to that end, we will commit to your success too.

Web Services

DMCons, Inc. is a full service web site provider. We can take care of your needs from the registration of your domain name through to the rollout of the finished product.

We provide solutions built around the multi-variable languages (Universe, Unidata, D3, JBase, Advanced Revelation, JBase) and the power of our mvToolbox. If you are considering moving to a web-based application, and your company's data is already on one of the multi-value languages, we can facilitate your transition to the web very smoothy.

DMCons has several web sites up and running with Unidata as the engine. Go to Web Sites to review those site.

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Whether your need is for a simple home page... 

A full On-line Corporate Presence...

Or an  e-commerce site...
DMCons, Inc. can provide a solution to your needs that will fit within your budget.  We will draw on our many years of combined experience all across the computer landscape to craft a marriage of technologies.  Whatever it takes, your satisfaction is our first concern.
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