People Overview

DMCons, Inc. is located outside of State College, Pennsylvania, home of Penn State University, with an associate offices in Colorado.  In addition to our small, but capable staff, we augment our capabilities with highly qualified on-demand associates in other cities. 

Let us introduce ourselves, and put faces to our names.  If you follow the links below, we become real people, rather than cyber-people.  Each of us has included a short biography, or a resume.

If you would like to explore having DMCons provide web services, database design consulting, or contract programming services, please contact us.  Either e-mail us or use the feedback form to notify us of your interest.  We'll take the next step. We will not incessantly spam you, nor sell your name.

CG Cope, III
3598 N Atherton St., Suite 1
Port Matilda, PA  16870
Phone:(814) 234-4543
Fax:    (814) 238-7521
Cell:    (814) 883-9183

Karen Cattell
Executive Assistant, Board of Directors
3576 N Atherton St.
Port Matilda, PA  16870
Phone:(814) 238-1441

Fax:    (814) 238-7521

Clients' Recommendations

Frank Malfi, Systems Engineer, Teradata Corp. February 1, 2000
William J Schereck, President & CEO, TV Shopping Network, Australia October 14, 1997
Juanita L. Burgeson, General Manager, Kingdom Company March 22, 1996

Douglas S. Briggs, President, QVC Network

April 4, 1994

Geoff A. Kitson, Managing Associate, Coopers & Lybrand

May 31, 1990

Robert P. Cochran, Vice President Information Systems, QVC Network

May 18, 1990

Joeseph Grassano, Manager Information Administration, QVC Network

May 17, 1990

William J. Stapleton, Senior VP & CIO, CVN Companies, Inc.

May 10, 1990

Cheryl Style, Manager Project Development, Foster Medical Inc. July 13, 1988
David Washburn, Project Leader, Aetna Life & Casualty, Inc December 13, 1973
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