Employment Overview

As a seasoned consultant, have you ever found yourself talking to a recruiter who has been out of school for, say, ten minutes.  You have performed excellently for years, absorbing new technologies like some people absorb sunshine - a consummate professional.  You describe your experience throwing out some buzz words and the words drift off into the ether unrecognized. 

You know that this person will be trying to sell your skills to a Human Resources person, whose idea of IT is entering data on a screen?  You are asked questions that, to you, seem like a teacher asking a first grader, "Yes, Johnie, I know you can tie your yellow stripped shoelaces, but THESE shoelaces have RED stripes.  How much experience have you had tying RED stripped laces?  Do you think you are qualified to tie these?"  Feel a little helpless do you?

At DMC, we know that frustration.  We are old timer computer scientists who are not limited to acronyms and software names to match up our talent with assignments.  We don't want to know so much what you have done in the past, but how quickly you can move into the future.  The past is only a good predictor of the future if it shows you can learn.

None of us continue to stay at the same level.  We grow.  We face new challenges.  We learn new tools and do excellently once again.  If our abilities could only be determined by what we did in the past, then we would never work.  We all started out with no experience at all!

We assume competence, not incompetence, and give you the respect that your years in the field command.  Your skill is not in the tools that you use, but the ability to think and solve.  The tools you use can vary.  After all, all computers do essentially the same things.  The only thing different is the syntax.

Employment Policy

We are an equal opportunity employer.  We do not discriminate in hiring.   However, we take very seriously our commitment to a high ethical standard.  Openly immoral, unethical, or illegal behavior that reflects on DMCons may result in dismissal.  Currently we hire primarily on a contract basis.  We pay on a 1099 basis, on a W-2 basis, or on a corp to corp basis. 


How to submit a resume

We would like to invite you to send your resume to us, either by e-mail or USPS.

DMCons, Inc.
By mail: CG Cope, III
DMCons, Inc.
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The list below consists of links to the positions that we currently have available, or may be coming available shortly. 

Please look them over and, if you find the position interesting, send us you resume.

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