February 1, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for C.G. (Bro) Cope, III.

I have known Bro Cope for nearly ten years, having first met him when a small, but revolutionary company, called Teradata, employed me. Both Bro and I had the pleasure of working on the QVC Network account - he an independent consultant, and I the Teradata systems engineer.

I distinctly remember the day that I was introduced to Bro. I remember thinking about the long road that I was about to travel down in educating and training yet another consultant (QVC, at that time, had many) on the intricacies of the Teradata system, utilities, and the SQL language (then called TEQUEL). What I remember even more was that after investing just a small amount of time with Bro, he had become extremely proficient at programming for the Teradata system.

In fact, in time, he had become even more proficient than some of the folks who worked for Teradata, often uncovering some anomaly that kept us up at night. I have always admired Bro's innate capability to absorb such diverse subject matters and content - often demonstrated by the expediency with which he performed the tasks at hand - and did so with unwavering quality.

If his technical acumen weren't enough, the one thing that strikes me most about Bro is his uncanny ability to work with people. During our tenure together, Bro and I met a very disparate group of personalities in and around the work environment. The folks that Bro worked for, without exception, loved his company, his insight, his intellect, and best of all his ability to relate to their needs - from both a personal and a business perspective. I couldn't have agreed more with them. In fact, when Bro's contract with the QVC IT group was nearly completed, it was with excitement and delight that the business users of QVC continued to contract his services. And they did so for quite some time - a testament to the true value and quality of his work, and his friendship with them.

To this day when I speak with Bro, it is clear that he has embraced the present technologies with the same vigor that he exhibited when I first met him. If the past is any measure of his future performance, then rest assured that he will consult with extraordinary quality, and with a sense of pride and ownership that will illuminate with confidence.

In short, Bro Cope is an invaluable consultant worthy of your business.


Frank J. Malfi, III


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