Primary Specialty

The bulk of our business to date has been from a very specialized consulting service. We fix the unfixable. We are most often used to bring computer systems back from the graveyard. For the past few years, we have been brought in to handle jobs that no one else has been able to do.

At C-Cor, we merged three separate releases of the corporate software, and three years of in-house changes into a consolidated version. That project took a year and involved inspecting 45,000+/- items for differences. As a result of this project, The mvToolbox was developed.

At The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, fully 40% of the production menu selections simply did not work. Over the course of 15 months, the system was restored, user confidence was rebuilt, most system bugs were found and fixed, and many improvements were implemented.

The burgeoning mvToolbox enabled us to do a 6 month Y2K remediation in 2.5 months. Catastrophic failure plans were put together and implemented. A new automated scheduling program was written that achieved upwards to 98% assignment levels of available chairs in the main clinic. This was fully 18% higher than ever achieved before.

At Perseus Books Group, again the system was in a near state of collapse. Changes had been made that were ill-advised, and left the system in a "fragile" state. Any unusual event whatsoever would bring the system down. This project also took over a year to finish. We left Perseus with a system that was accurate and sturdy.

Avalon Information Systems is another example. This company was awarded a system as settlement in a lawsuit. What was delivered was close to a thousand tape dumps of the system - no fixed configuration, no files, no dictionaries, no structure. The need to do comparisons to determine a working configuration and to restore the system boggled the mind. Using the mvToolbox, we have been able to do more in a couple of months than in the 10 preceding years.

Secondary Specialty

We also have done some really slick consulting work - what we think of as "pure" consulting. At QVC Network, the President of DMCons filled the the role of Technical Support Consultant to the Marketing and Merchandising groups. In that capacity, he taught both the Marketing and Merchandising departments how to use the corporate database. He also was involved in numerous studies for top QVC management. One study alone saved QVC over four million dollars.

At TV Shopping Network of Australia, Mr. Cope was called in to help TVSN address a real challenging problem. They were growing at the rate of 7% per week. TVSN's management knew that they could be adversely affected by that rapid a growth rate - if they did not have a plan in place. Mr. Cope's study provided the base for that plan. In addition, Mr. Cope designed and implemented a marketing database, and began instructing the Marketing analysts in its use.

Where we Excel

After all is considered, the real specialty of DMCons, Inc. is that we consistently accept assignments that require us to absorb and use new technologies.
Please read Frank Malfi's recommendation.
Since Mr. Cope's introduction to computers in the USMC in 1967, he has worked on these computers:

IBM 1401/1410 IBM 360/370 IBM 4381/3081/3090
RISC 6000 Digital DG/UX HP 9000
Sequoia Pertec Stratus
VAX 8530 Prime 9955 Gen Automation Zebra
Wang VS 85 PC's by the hundreds Windows NT Server Network
Novelle Network
And with the following databases and programming languages:
Unidata Universe D3
Advanced Revelation Prime Information and Primos Teradata
Sybase MS Access SQL expert
DB2 TSO/CICS Visual Basic
Visual C++c JCL IBM and Wang Assemble
COBOL (IBM, Stratus, VAX, Wang, PC) Fortran PL/I
Many Web design tools Java C
photo and graphic editors

That is a lot of depth and breadth. We like a challenge. If you have had bad IT people turning your corporate software into "The Tapestry of Evil", all is not lost. Bring us in and we will fix it... gauranteed

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