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I have been in the Computer Science field since 1967, and in all that time, I have found one overarching truth.  Computers  are supposed to serve the company, not the other way around.  To this end, my personal work ethic has been to serve, not to be served.  My success comes from furthering my client's success.

DMCons Overview

Data Management Consultants began in 1986, when the owner, CG Cope, III, got his first consulting client - CRC Chemicals, maker of WD-40.  Within three years, he was consulting for the top tier executives at QVC Network, America's #1 TV home shopping show.  During his time at QVC, as the sole technical support consultant for the Marketing and Merchandising groups, QVC grew from $200 million in gross revenues to $1.2 billion. 

Mr. Cope was instrumental in delivering the information needed to make the critical decisions to the top management people.  One research study alone saved the company over four million dollars in one year.  Since then, our client list has grown to include industry leaders from many fields.

Our number one strength is our ethics.  This company operates under a high ethical standard that requires truth at all times.  For us the "Golden Rule" isn't a platitude, but a bedrock foundation.  We practice the principal.  If given the choice of suffering a loss or shifting the loss to the client, DMCons will choose to absorb the loss first.  To us, a clean conscience is worth more than money.  It is because of our principals that we offer a guarantee on our work.  If we don't do it right to your satisfaction, we will make it right at our cost.

Another strength of this company is the ability to accept very difficult assignments, and with a minimum of direction, accomplish the stated goals.  The background of DMCons consultants is varied and extensive, touching almost every facet of computer usage.  We hit the ground running and don't look up until the problem is solved.  The ability to adapt and to learn while producing is central in the experience of every DMCons consultant.  We treat our people with the respect due to professionals and get their very best in return.

One of our consultants was asked to design a marketing database for a client using a database engine he had not previously used.  Purchasing the engine with his own money, he installed the engine on the clients computer network, learned it, designed and built the marketing database, built a GUI front end, populated the tables with live data, and began to instruct the marketing analyst in it's use - all in less than a month.  The client was thrilled.  The IT group had estimated it to be a 6 month effort.

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